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Corona Virus - the facts

March 5, 2020

We had agreed that once we relocated and settled, golf would become a more regular part of our leisure time and after almost 6 months, we finally booked a round at one of the several courses in our newfound home.

So I spent the previous day cleaning our clubs, bags and buggies - I had to locate our golf shoes in one of the 40 or so as yet unpacked moving crates still in our garage. Found them ok!

We were certainly a bit rusty on our games but the weather was great, the course was beautiful and we were both in really good humour. The best thing was that teeing off mid-morning and mid-week meant there were no groups hot on our heals, so it was  a very relaxed start to our game.

But as w...

March 4, 2020

When She and I think of overseas travel, we always tend to err on the side of big trips to faraway places - but we are now tempering that view! For a few reasons - we have commitments at home and in our community; we miss the kids, the grand-kids, "H" and Millie (the cat) dreadfully; AND we are finding that the longer trips are proving not only looooonger as we get older but also, especially for us retirees, way too expensive!

But with the very competitive "budget" airfares and "last minute" cruise deals seemingly always about these days - vigilantly watch for them in your local Sunday paper Travel section, or go online to...

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