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no 'body' is perfect!

If Marilyn Monroe was starting out today, would her magnificent curves been seen as sultry or just plain fat? Monroe’s voluptuous shape was adored in the 1950s, but today’s sex symbols are more svelte than hourglass. Studies have shown that humans have progressed to favour the contrast of wide hips to slim wastes as sexually appealing. Did you know that recent research at the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen have revealed that wide hipped women are more likely to live longer? In fact the women with the biggest hip circumference had an 86% reduced risk of coronary heart disease and a 46% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. That is because fat distributed to the hips has anti-inflammatory powers that can help prevent arteries blocking, in contrast to more dangerously placed abdominal fat. So if you are pear shaped, you’re in better shape for a healthy future.

Here is a positive “twist” on some more of the most common complaints;

Wrinkles: Shouldn’t wrinkles promote a level of respect? Helen Mirren, 68, plays amazing roles and is revered around the world as an incarnation of ageing gracefully, naturally. Audrey Hepburn did the same.

Small breasts: Bras are easier to purchase, clothes look and fit better (no gaping shirts), no breast-related back problems. The great painter Raphael expressed a fondness to paint small-breasted women. In the 1960’s Twiggy gave small breasted women a valuable boost. An again who could discount the elegance and grace of Audrey Hepburn certainly a small-breasted woman.

Big nose: Could it be that the nose – not eyes – are the windows to our sole? Physiognomists (face readers) believe so. A big nose, because of its central position and prominence on the face is often thought to indicate a person of strong character. Flared nostrils suggest an adventurous spirit; a broad nose suggests a powerful sex drive. Judging by the success of people like Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Sarah- Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway, extra nasal inches are money in the "bank". It is a common belief that Streisand’s voice may be directly attributed to her majestic nose – a "chamber" for better acoustics.

Big bum; In the mid to late 19th century women went to great lengths to add fullness to their behinds by using bustles, created from draped fabric or frames of horsehair and wire than jutted out almost horizontally from their back. Today thanks to Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez the term “booty” makes big bums seem, well, hip!

If other people can love our imperfections then why oh why can’t we!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE!

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