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Procrastinate at your peril!

We downsized over a year ago! Moving off the farm, buying a home in a regional location and then renovating made the last 12 months go by in a "wink". When we moved off land we jointly decided that we should become involved in the community, how this would manifest itself we were not entirely sure but we had some ideas.

The lovely James Viles, Owner of Biota Dining Bowral - Master Chef and just good bloke!

I entered a local Cooking Competition, The Highland Cook-off 2013 - part of the Bowral Long Lunch organised by a local Credit Union, the BDCU, to raise funds for a Mental Health Nurse specifically for youth. The Cooking Competition had a rather spectacular night to announce the winner and yes you guessed it - I WON!

My prize winning dish! - very pretty!

winners are grinners!

I shared the evening with my beloved husband, who taste-tested for months on end and another dear friend, Jane who we met soon after moving here. During the night my friend Jane remarked that I knew more people than she did after having living here for 10 years. It struck me that whilst I probably didn't know as many as Jane, I certainly knew a lot. That was very apparent, when I was announced the winner, in a room of over 100 people I think I probably knew most of them and they were just so pleased for me, all because I entered the cooking competition. By nights-end I was offered a couple of jobs and invited to Dinner Parties (most likely to cook)! What's the saying? I wish my friends could see me now!

We had the time of our lives!

I really must congratulate all the wonderful people and organisations involved in putting

Thank you Robin, you can have a rest now!

together this event. Each and every person or company involved did so in great spirit!

We love you Ross!

The gorgeous Chef Judges!

Where to now? I will probably start another little business in the food industry but there will be clear parameters - "no staff" and "no lease" and it certainly won't take over our lives. But I do look forward to doing what I love! cooking....

Fun in the kitchen!

Retirement does not mean retiring from life, just work! Don't procrastinate about what you might do when you retire, get on with things! Procrastination will see you do nothing and have regrets in the end.

To borrow a phase from a very successful sporting brand "just do it" and yes "tick" the box! and then do some more.....

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