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Put your "Entrepreneur" hat on!

It's been 2 weeks since our last post and with good reason. Firstly we celebrated our Son's wedding, which turned into a week long event! Then, He was approached to be Treasurer at our local Church, we attended the local Melbourne Cup celebrations and I had a two day assignment cooking at a local winery....and the list goes on. I get tired just thinking about all that we have attended/done in the last two weeks. Retirement can keep you busy, certainly better than doing nothing.

I have previously posted about my cooking pursuits, which has included many competitions. Recently I have been fortunate enough to win a local cooking competition. Having met many of the local chefs and providores along the way, the question has been posed many times "so what are you going to do now"? It is sometimes assumed that the reason for entering a competition such as this, is to launch a new career. Whilst this has not been my focus or intention it is certainly something I am now considering.

So what are my options?

  • The most popular assumption is that I would want to open a restaurant. That was never my intention. I have worked in restaurants, and I appreciate just how hard it is to make a success of it. I am not professionally trained, nor do I have the experience required to know where to start.

  • I could work in a restaurant! again for all the reasons above that would simply not work for me.

  • I could write a cookbook! Really, and who would buy it! There are so many sensational Chefs with so much to offer who have this market (and rightly so) covered.

  • I could open a providores shop! - He and I agreed when we sold our business 6 years ago that we would never again enter into a lease or employ staff. We will not waiver.

At this point you might think "Well, she's just not prepared to put herself out there"! and you would be wrong. When you set parameters, know what you want to achieve, and don't let temptation, flattery or other people get in the way, you are able to focus and realise your dream.

My principle pursuit is the love of food and creativity. Combining both will be rewarding without betting the house on it! So what you might ask am I intending to do?

I am opening a Cooking School! It is designed for people who want to learn principally about flavour and presentation of food. I will conduct the school in peoples homes with no more than 4 people at a time. Attending classes of any type can be intimidating, so by keeping numbers small, students can learn and have fun in a non-threatening atmosphere....wish me luck!

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