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Happy New Year

... here we go again! another new year rolls around and again we look back with cynicism, full of regret for all the things we should or could have done better! Are we ever happy with the year that has just past? Do we ever look back and smile?

We should have put in a much bigger effort, resulting in improved outcomes! But don't despair, we will be more determined this coming year, starting with a 'list' ....of New Year resolutions!!

This year we need to........

  • loose weight

  • get fit

  • get a better job

  • earn more money

  • travel more

  • stop drinking

  • stop smoking

  • go to the gym

  • make more friends

  • make better friends

  • have more interesting friends

  • volunteer our spare time

  • get a better education

  • get a new car

  • find a bigger place to live

  • find a better place to live

  • find a more interesting place to live

  • make time for family

  • make time for friends

  • make time for the community

  • make time for self's exhausting, endless and impossible to achieve so the "list" has become a "burden of potential failure" to review at the end of the year and feel bad about ourselves....

This year I'm making a change, I'm making a positive list of 2014. All those things in life that were good and memorable. It doesn't have to be personal achievement it just has to make you smile!

Here are just a few of mine........

  • had a fabulous holiday

  • made several new friends

  • had some fabulous social gatherings

  • joined a children's foundation

  • was involved in lots of community events

  • started a charitable art gallery

It was a very good year and my only hope is that 2015 will be as good as 2014


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