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He said...Its now been 3 years since we started sharing our retirement journey and similar to my last post Out with the Old and In with the New, where I related the recent sale of our beloved old Merc roadster and purchase of our new motor-home, we feel the time is right to update the look and feel of our website and blog.

After much deliberation, we've concluded that the theme we've used so successfully till now is showing its age...a little dated in terms of the slick new formats now we started with a complete redesign of our logo....Our dear friend, Andy at Iceblink Creative has done a top job for us and we are more than delighted with the result, so much so that we've already had our new motorhome badged up with this new livery!

So, if you pass us on the road and see the new branding please let us know what you think - either by going to our website and leaving your comment or by chatting directly on UHF50 - we'd love to hear from you.

Unfortunately, the project to update the website is taking a little longer than we first thought, but we WILL get there....hopefully very soon!!!

Whilst it will continue to be a compilation of "He-said...She-said" Perspectives on Retirement Lifestyle and other stuff...we hope our refreshed site will stimulate some new ideas, inspiration and incentives for your journey through retirement life. travels!

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