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Food has become art

Domestic cooking has transformed into an art form like no other. No longer is acceptable to invite a few friends around for a simple baked dinner with a pudding! If your entertaining you'd better be planning at least a week ahead and making sure you're "on-trend" with the food you are serving. Reality TV has feed our obsession with restaurants/chefs to the point where it is out of control.

There are two separate talents; the art of cooking food so that it tastes good and the 'styling' of food in the 'plating-up'! If your not channelling "Heston Blumenthal" then you'd better start!

'Photographing' the "plate" in a restaurant prior to divulging is commonplace. "Sharing" on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever social media is their preferred transportation device is the natural next step. The poor chefs no longer await the occasional professional food critic; the restaurant is full of them every service...............

If like me your talents can be stretched to a little more than the humble baked dinner then the photographs above might inspire you as they did me.....Happy cooking and styling.

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