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Fresh food markets - Cadiz, Spain

Fresh Food Markets are one of my passions, so when we arrived in Cadiz, Spain and walked into their food market & I was in heaven!! This place teamed with the most wonderful array of fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat and flowers. The sense of community was on display at its absolute finest, they cared passionately about what they ate. The quality of the food couldn't have been better, nevertheless customers knew what they wanted and made sure through all their senses that they got the very best on offer.

These markets have been operating for 100's of years, this is the way people meet, communicate and shop. The food is grown and harvested locally for the locals - no unnecessary long tern refrigeration or chemical additives to prolong shelf life. It's just picked, fished or slaughtered locally and taken directly to the market. Believe me when I say you could smell the freshness.

We have lost so much in our need for the convenience of a supermarket. We should be supporting our local farmers and buying directly from them either through the farm gate or at farmers markets. The alternative is the buying the awful produce out of supermarkets that could be as much as 18 months old and been stored in chemicals! No wonder all the apples are brown on the inside, the bananas only last a day and citrus has little or no flavour. You certainly don't walk into a supermarket and smell freshness, no matter what the expensive advertising wants you to believe. Oh and all the produce had sold within 4 or so hours.

Please enjoy the most wonderful images of the Cadiz Markets in Spain.


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