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A Weighty Issue!

Do you circle the "scales" in your bathroom? After the "weigh-in" does the result determine a good or bad day! I think I have weighed myself everyday for the past 40 years and never been happy with the result! Mind you I have never ever thought I needed to gain a few pounds even when I was bordering on anorexia!! What does this say about the female psyche! Probably that no matter what shape we are in it's never good enough!

Since turning 50 more than a few years ago, I decided that my weight was irrelevant what was important was my health. So daily exercise is good for you and a balanced diet is good for you. But to be unhappy with yourself all the time is unhealthy.

Loosing weight as you get older is very tough. So be healthy and be smart about it; make sure you have 6 monthly blood tests, make sure to tend to your health without obsessing about it. My only advise is to loose the sugar - this stuff is B-A-D for you and we seem to be consuming more and more and getting fatter and fatter!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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