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Finding your "thing"

Remember being at work and 'wishing' you had time to indulge the many hobbies, pastimes or interests you wanted to pursue. It may be art, golf, writing, gardening, cars, cooking, volunteer work, learning to dance; there are myriad of hobbies to fill your days, but what sometimes happens is you are crippled by indecision. You need to set a timetable or plan, write it down and get on with it. For me, just one of the many things I wanted to do in retirement was to learn to paint. My wonderful "him" bought for my birthday an art course with a notable local artist. The course was for a full term in a group lesson (more people to meet). My first day I was almost crippled with anxiety. As I walked into the art class and student started to place their current works on easels I wanted to sneak out never to return. My art teacher caught on to this quickly and got me to work immediately - she placed two red apples in front of and said that is what you are painting today. OK we shall see how this turns out. 3 hours later I couldn't have been more pleased with my first effort and couldn't wait to show everyone. I have continued to paint and even sold some of my works, I love it and would encourage those who think they can only draw stick figures to give it a go.

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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