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Prostate Cancer

If I had not been retired at 62, I would likely not have given the time required to properly investigate a marginally elevated PSA revealed in a routine blood count, which ultimately lead to a diagnosis of prostate cancer (Gleeson Score 7)! I got the diagnosis delivered on Christmas Eve 2009 so you can imagine the awkward silences around the dinner table that Christmas Day.

As a professional person well-conditioned to difficult business decisions, I mustered my keen enquiring mind and the power of the internet to fully explore my alternative treatment options ranging from traditional to laparoscopic surgery, from full on radiation to the milder form brachytherapy and the relative recovery prognoses from each. With this broad but obviously limited knowledge I was able to converse with oncologists, urologists and transplant surgeons to determine my best path to recovery.

Within two months from diagnosis I had undergone radical prostatectomy and was on my way to a full recovery with minimum side effects – and there are some but entirely insignificant given the far more sinister possible outcomes!

I attribute this outcome first and foremost to the deepest love and support from my darling wife and family, and of course, to the superior skill of my specialist surgeon and his team – BUT also to the fact that I was able to devote the time required– made so much easier by being retired.

Visit these sites for helpful information....

Retired or not, NEVER ignore or defer health matters – you could jeopardise your retirement options for the long term!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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