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Loosing weight - the old fashioned way

There are certain events in most people's lives where a photo journal is the order of the day. Weddings fall into this category! Like most women (and possibly men) we want to look our best on these occasions, and best means at least 10 kilos lighter!

I have about 10 weeks until my son's big day and I have to use every one of those weeks to loose at least a kilo a week. I have read enough diet information to assess that the best way to loose weight is to adopt a sensible regime of good quality food intake and exercise every day.

My daily exercise program involves a 30 minute walk/run routine! Although presently there is more walking than running. In 30 minutes I have to walk/run 3 kilometres. This is not very hard to do! After 1 week I am covering 3.5 kilometres in 30 minutes. I do feel better for the effort and a bonus is the exercise is assisting my asthma.

The diet is a little harder and requires far more discipline that the exercise. As an enthusiastic home cook I find it very hard to restrain myself at meal times. There are certain food items one has to avoid in the effort of loosing weight:

  • Sugar

  • Carbohydrates

There is no suggestion that you should not ingest these products in any format, just that you should not eat the highly processed forms - White Bread and White Sugar. These two deliver no health benefit at all.

The brain needs sugar to function but it needs nowhere near the amount that a Western Diet usually contains. Sugar in whole fruit and vegetables is all that we generally need. Carbohydrates, whilst necessary for overall well being, are also better ingested via the fruit and vegetable carriers.

You see where this is going, don't you? - A diet based in natural foods with minimal human interference will not only make you feel better, it will also make you much lighter.

As I mentioned earlier, I have 10 weeks before the big day - I shall report back on my success/failure!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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