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Stay on your Feet!!

We have posted a variety of helpful reminders and hints about both men's and women's health and general well-being in your retirement years - all intended to maximise fulfilment of your long-awaited dreams and aspirations, now that you have the time to pursue them.

But as our good friend, John Jones of Footlogics Australia, rightly highlighted in a recent comment on our blog, "Well being depends on mobility- depends on good lower limb biomechanics –there are cost effective measures available–please see our site which is very educational"

I heartily recommend you take the time to study the easy reading on this site to fully appreciate just how important your feet are and the need to attend to any foot pain you experience, before it takes hold.

Our personal experience with this very real issue occurred when She experienced excruciating and persistent foot pain (the arch and heel in particular) as a result of a trip 5 years ago where we walked the length and breadth of Hong Kong, Rome and New York in the space of just 3 weeks!

Not being aware of Footlogics at the time, we visited the local podiatrist to learn She had major damage to her Plantar Fascia (the long band of tissue extending under the foot), a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. The podiatrist prescribed orthodics, which were made in a poly/plastic product from a plaster cast impression he made of her feet. He recommended that these be worn religioulsy for 1 year to allow the offending foot to recover. And he was right - after approximately 1 year her foot completely recovered.

She is of course now sensitive to appropriate footwear for different applications and especially where

she will be doing a lot of walking or standing on her feet for a long time. Comfort is the name of the game and while she still loves her stilletto's, She is discerning about when and where she wears them.

Recently we went to a formal evening on the Sydney waterfront which required us to park some distance from the venue - so She wore ballet shoes from the car, carrying her "strappy" high-heels in hand and me in tux alongside - and a quick change of shoes at the front door before entering - quite the sight and hopefully we were not captured on candid camera!!

And now She always puts her feet first!!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE!

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