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Local Farmer’s Markets

Local Farmers Markets are a way of revitalising urban public spaces. They attract lots of people and create a place of interest, activity, diversity and friendliness. As a marketplace it is relatively easy and cheap for a new entrant to set up a stall, and it encourages the sale of marginal, locally produced products. As a place for local produce, it best reflects the seasons; you won’t be finding any “out of season” fruit and vegetable from half way around the world or stored “old” chemically treated produce here!

Since relocating to our Southern Highlands home we have recently visited two local Farmers Markets. We took our dog "Harry" with us on both occasions, as did every other local, and for a few delightful hours we mingled with locals (and their pooches) and visitors whilst exploring the wide and surprising variety of locally produced goods. We bought loafs of delicious "Sour Dough Bread" that had locally grown figs throughout – bliss!; pure linen tea-towels worthy of being framed; locally produced "wool socks" made by a lovely young Farmer from sheep running around his paddock; a "pure linen dress and wool/cashmere scarf" that I would have paid a fortune for in the city; "fruit and vegetables" that tasted wonderful; "healthy, robust plants" of all types at unbelievable prices; and a lovely piece of "original art" from an artist who was a first time stall holder and was having so much fun, and the list goes on.

By now you may have realised, I am a local Farmers Market convert. My electronic diary is full of dates for all the Farmers Markets in my local area so I never miss them!!

Benefits of Shopping at Farmers Markets

  • The produce is grown locally and picked when perfectly ripened. This enhances the taste, texture, and aroma of the produce.

  • Often, market prices are lower than at grocery stores.

  • Our existing system of food transportation and distribution requires enormous amounts of energy and resources.

  • Shopping at the Farmers Market benefits the local farmer and strengthens your local community.

  • Since the produce is picked at the peak of the season, nutrients, and phytochemicals will be more abundant. Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine” — just eat a RAINBOW OF COLOR!

  • Locals are able to sell their products and test the market without the need for a shopfront/lease/staff etc

  • Overheads are low

  • Interaction with the locals will soon indicate whether your product is saleable.

  • The sense of “community” is uplifting and fun, recaptured from times past

Yay! Farmers Markets…..I am an admiring convert! I will always support you

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE!

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