Who took my libido?

When you consider baby-boomers were the generation that embraced "sex, drugs and rock & roll" and "free-love" was our catch phrase, it makes you wonder how and why the passion fades?

I don't for a second believe that it's only our generation that has faced a declining desire where sex is involved, it's just that we practised so much as were so good at it!

I have done some research on this and there are endless articles explaining that women generally start to loose their "mojo" after the age of 45. This is largely blamed on menopause but also contributed to by working long hours, general tiredness, a less than fantastic relationship etc.

Well all of those things mentioned can be addressed,you just have to have the desire to do so! Baby boomers are not the whinging generation, we are the doers; the changers; the non-conformists and the rejecters of the 'status-quo'.

Here are some suggestions for getting back a really important, enjoyable part of being a woman that will keep your cheeks "rosy" and a smile on your face.

  • Menopause - hot flushes (they have pills for that) and you can now have sex without contraception, periods or pregnancy! If your "nether-regions" aren't as well lubricated as they could be then go get some lubricant!

  • General tiredness - a good vitamin pill, a better diet - you'll be surprised that even loosing a couple of kilos how much more energy you will have.

  • The Relationship will improve out of sight if you take more care with your appearance - get a new hair-cut, change the way you look.

  • Have fun - read a "Jackie Collins" novel.....get some inspiration

  • So get out there and buy some sexy underwear..... and be prepared to get it off!

Have fun, enjoy yourself, you'll find that everything improves with a little motivation and a desire to change things up!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE!

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