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Join a Theatre Company

Today's retiree is not content with just the traditional activities of fishing, travelling, sewing and minding the grand-children. Any or all of these are enjoyable but we want more too! Research indicated that some retirees are finding their 'passion' might be in a theatre company.

Joining a theatre company offers multiple benefits. You make friends, which is of no small value. And if it's a high-profile company, you could start having opportunities to be seen by casting people, if acting is your chosen contribution.

I've found a really good 'portal' in Australia for you to navigate. Click on the heading to go straight to their website!

Welcome to Australia’s largest and most active theatre website.

All services on this site are free. You are actively encouraged to join in, so make yourself at home, this is your website. If you find something missing, have a suggestion, a question, an answer, an event to promote or an idea to share, then it is up to YOU to let us all know. Please use this space as a place to discuss your work, promote your products and debate the performing arts scene. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

By working together to promote each other’s work, we build a culture of participation in the performing arts that will yield benefits for us all. Remember we all thrive on each other’s considered contributions, generous praise and thoughtful criticism.

This website is a proud initiative of the Independent Theatre Association – promoting the performing arts and building community participation in theatre.

Good luck! I'm mean "break a leg".....

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE!

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