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And there anything else?

I visited my local GP today to renew some annual scripts which had expired - you know, the "wonder drugs" for my case, high cholesterol and gout! A very straightforward visit you'd think, and it was, except there was the initial awkwardness because my regular Doc was not available for some reason and I was redirected to another doctor in the practice. So we exchanged the usual pleasantries, she took my blood pressure which was normal, as I expected.... and then she dutifully accessed my history file to locate the wanted scripts, as I'd indicated upon arrival.

But after she had printed off the renewal scripts, signed and handed them to me, to my total surprise she said...... "Is there anything else?" This is something you'd more likely expect to hear a butcher or greengrocer say when serving you over the counter, but I found it just that little bit odd coming from my physician!! I thought for a moment..... is she just being polite, is she trying to drum up more business or is it that I don't look well to her and she is offering me the opportunity to share my most intimate health concerns? Of course I don't have any pressing ailments - just in need of some long-prescribed script renewals, so, with tongue in cheek, I replied...."well, where do I start? There's the crusty toe nail that refuses to respond to normal antifungal treatment, there's the dicky hip which more than occasionally twinges, and of course there's the unexpected weight gain already begun ahead of the festive season!" I paused as the expression of on her face clearly indicated she'd gotten far more in response than she would have hoped for - totally perplexed!

So I quickly added...."but really, none of these is causing me real grief and certainly none is life-threatening, so I will gladly be on my way", much to her visible relief, I might add. Usually you go the doctor when you have a specific ailment or health concern, rather than with a long "shopping list". So I found this encounter just a little odd when the doctor asked.......and is there anything else?

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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