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Australian Chefs & their recipes...

Australian Chefs

Making fabulous food in their own distinctive style

Food in Australia is unique, we enjoy a melting pot of cultures and their fabulous cusines.  Our chefs/cooks represent these cultures and their food with integrity, inventivness and flare, they are indeed amongst the best in the world and they share their knowledge and expertise with a generous spirit.

The recipes I've included are mostly designed for 4 people.  That's just the way cookware has been designed over the years. However, I now "vaccum seal' my overages so that we can have a meal on the table in 15 minutes with no wastage!


Maggie & Me
The Bowral Long Lunch
chefs Alistair McLeod Lindy Milan
with Lindy Milan and Pete Evans
talking and cooking!!
Making sour dough bread
Celebrating 10 years
Dinner at Biota with Colin Fassnidge - Wow!
Great Dinner with Manu and Jan at Centennial Vineyards tonight...
Into the finals with Lamb Fillet and Spring Garden Vegetables_.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg finals tomorr
Tony Bilson and James Viles
Filming for "The Living Room"
With Miguel for The Living Room
Tony Bilson
The Volunteers make everything work
My Cooking School
a happy guest
poached rhubarb in chicken stock, a little reduced balsamic gives sweetness!  yummy and looks pretty
catering for dinner parties
The healthy Thai Salad!
Professionals at work - we feed 250!
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