About us....

HIM....A CPA, He was a finance Director and company secretary with a high profile multinational, corporate background.  He retired from the corporat highlife at just 55 t take a full-time role of the family run recruitment company.

The business was sold in 2007 and since then er are effectively retired!

"H" - our much loved Labrador is our inseperable companion.  "H" has made the transition into retirement with us and has embraced the recent downsize from farm to a gentler rural town environment.

We expect "H" will feature heavily in ou blog and may even attract his own following.

HER....She was a highly regarded, city-based recruiter with over 30 years experience. In the 1990's, with  him  and  her as  directors, a city-based boutique recruitment firm was launched which she grew from scratch into a multi-million turnover operation within just 10 years.

Now - She volunteers on several community based non-profit organisations.  She has commenced and runs a community Art Gallery, won a local cooking competition, has her art on permanent display, has judged the local business awards (Restaurant section), has a consultancy providing support for "Social Media" and will  give support to  "good-cause" organisations.

US...Life is full to overflowing with interesting people, fascinating places to visit, locally and internationally.  Volunteering for worthy causes is an opportunity to give back!   You have to get out there an mingle, and help where ever you possibly can.  The personal rewards of a life that is inclusive are wonderful. They want other retired  'hims' & 'hers' to be fabulous  in retirement.