Look after your appearance!


Post work, are you still in your PJ’s at 11am?

Do you no longer bother to put on make-up or shave? When you shop are you looking for comfort rather than style? Well STOP IT now! Looking dreary makes you feel dreary and that will bring you right down and you will age prematurely. No longer is ceasing working any excuse for not caring. You must do your hair put on the lipstick and you will feel and look great! Believe me when someone comments how lovely you look it’s like winning the lottery...well almost! There is a spring in your step and you start to see yourself in a new light. You feel attractive and others see you as attractive and life is better as a result.

New life new style

You need to find "your new style" to fit your "new life". No longer a captive of the “suit” now is the time to embrace change in our life and change can be very, very good. The time has come to find a new look that fits your new life! How good do we feel when the hairdresser has delivered a change of hairstyle! So keep the change going and feeling wonderful will be the result. Remember to be open to suggestions and find a style that fits the new you and your "new life".

Fine examples of great "style"

Take these fabulous Australians; .Maggie Tabberer (75), Ita Buttrose (69), Jack Thompson (71), Kerri Anne Kennerley (58), Alan Jones (71), Quentin Bryce (69) & Maggie Beer (72) as illustrations of style and elegance. I think we would all agree that these men and women not only have extraordinarily successful careers they also continually look incredibly good. They all have very different

“styles”. Some present as corporate some are stunningly casual and others are just look fabulous in bling. The point is whatever you decide is your new style, embrace it and your efforts will reward you with feeling wonderful! Sometimes modelling yourself on someone else’s style is no bad thing. If you admire somebody there is a chance there is a similarity, so try to borrow some of their flair for yourself.

Experiment and be wonderfully fabulous!

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