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How to look 10 years younger!

Who doesn't want to look more youthful. Wouldn't it be lovely if people assumed you were a decade younger than actually you are? It’s possibly easier and less expensive than you think!!

  • Mediation…relax, when the stress leaves so do the years. A daily meditation could help turn back the clock. A "Harvard University" study conducted in 2008 showed that the relaxation response to meditation, as well as Yoga, Tai chi or repetitive prayer, positively affects our genes, helping to counteract the ageing process. Meditation “calms” the whole body and reduces inflammation. It reduces the stress hormone “cortisol” when we are not stressed we look much younger.

  • Spot-on… forget the wrinkles, get rid of the age spots! A recent study showed that women with skin discolouration – including age spots, pigmentation and melisma – can increase a woman’s perceived age by up to 20 YEARS! The best idea is to prevent further damage by using “strong sun screen” daily. You could spend a lot of money at cosmetic surgeons or, invest in a really “good foundation” that includes a sun screen and wear it daily.

  • Stretch it out…Yoga, Pilates are really good for improving that “hunched over” look and will quickly give you better posture and also relieve stress and strain on your body, helping to avoid injury.

  • Walk tall…posture is everything, when you carry yourself "well" your confidence grows. Remember your mother telling you to “stand up straight”? - well that really was great advice! Carrying your body correctly gives a look of self-assurance and confidence. June Dally Watkins’ advice to her students was to “reach for the stars” when trying to improve posture. By endeavouring to make the centre of your head touch the ceiling or the sky when standing, sitting or walking, will instantly improve posture. Hunching is one of the first and worst signs of ageing.

  • Gain control…by getting the right under garments. The best undergarments your budget will afford is the key to looking slimmer. Apparently Hollywood has known this for years and has traditionally used the brand “Spanx” on the “red carpet”. Being personally “fitted” by a professional is vital.

  • Get the perfect jeans…. “Not your daughter’s jeans” is a "brand" that specialises in jeans for the more mature figure. Dressing to appear younger is a combination of smart choices and confidence. Find the balance between current trends and your own style. Make sure the “silhouette” is age appropriate and then have fun with colour!

  • Positive thinking…find something every day that makes you smile. Laughter is good for you. Try to surround yourself with uplifting people and things. Smiling costs nothing and is infectious.

  • Make-up… ”less is more” - strip back the years and get rid of the pan-cake make-up. Heavy make-up settles into the lines in your face. Start with a good moisturiser and then a foundation that includes a strong SPF. Visit a department store and have your make-up done by a professional. They will have lots of sound advice.

  • Have sex …Regular “nookie” can help make you look and feel younger. It increases your blood flow, endorphins and most importantly your confidence.

  • Get to sleep… When you don’t get enough sleep, blood flow slows and "cortisol" – the stress hormone responsible to breaking down skin cells - rises. Try to get 7-8 hours per night.

  • Diet – make it healthy with lots of colourful fruits and vegetables. Include herbs and spices in your cooking, as their healing properties are well documented. Minimise caffeine, sugar and bad fat. Hydrated skin holds make-up well, so drink water to “hydrate” for a “dewy” look.

Start today and watch the years "melt" away..

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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