the harder I work the luckier I get!

Being ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves is the key to success!

He and I sold our business a few years ago and after having a 12 month break (long service leave) we decided we were much too young embrace full "retirement". No longer wanting to work "50 hour weeks" in a corporate environment, we considered retraining as TAFE Teachers! We felt this new career would be extremely rewarding and allow us to pass-on practical knowledge gained over 35 years of corporate experience. Our primary focus was to achieve a “work-life” balance. Additional training/qualifications were required; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

We contacted our locally approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and elected to do the “intense” 12 week course instead of 12 months. The course was intense; we spent the subsequent 12 weeks working long into the night completing all the course requirements.

With appropriate qualifications in hand we then sought employment. Initially, at TAFE colleges and then RTO’s, we collectively sent out in excess of 150 applications. We had absolutely no response! Not even a “thank you for your application”, we couldn’t understand what the problem was. Both of us had years of practical experience in senior corporate roles, had “retrained” and were very flexible in terms of hours. Initially this situation was perplexing, what had we missed? We had done exactly what the Government bodies had told “Baby-Boomers” to do: we had retrained and wanted to remain in the workforce on a permanent part-time basis.

It took a little while for the “penny to drop” - at 51 and 61 respectively – WE WERE CONSIDERED TOO OLD!! In terms of ego, time and money spent, it was a significant blow to us both.

I decided to go back to my former career and started to send out applications. To my horror, I was told in person that I was TOO OLD! It took me a couple of months to get over this, but "get over it", I did!

The moral of the story is “Make your own luck” – When you are over 50, you may have to consider becoming self-employed - start your own business! It's now 18 months on from all that rejection and we now have this wonderful new business/hobby, which is just so rewarding. It keeps us connected with people and business around the world.

To that end, I would offer the following;

“Be assertive and proactive”. Walk your own path, no one else can or wants to do it for you. You must be innovative, creative and do it your way!

“Believe in a goal”. Write it down, and make it your "plan." Stick it to the fridge so you are reminded every day!

“Give your goals deadlines” - Deadlines make daily progress more likely. Set short and long term goals; hourly, daily or weekly. Make your own action plan, and follow through on it. Refine your plans as you go; try to remain open to new opportunities.

“Raise your expectations” – No matter what you do in life – be the best you can! Always strive to improve

‘Work smarter” – Be open to new ideas and ways to achieve your goals. Be prepared to engage with others to achieve results.

“Be Positive” – Believe in yourself and don’t let little set-backs knock you off your path.

“Persist” – Look around you. The world is teaming with individuals with little, or no-talent but what they do have is a belief in self, they persist! If at first you don’t succeed then try again. You must finish what you start!

I wish you "Good Luck" with whatever you do.

Believe in yourself and others will too!

...and remember...have a fabulous retirementLIFE....

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