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It's swimsuit season, let's go shopping!

Selecting a bathing suit after the age of 50 can be a daunting task. Like most fashion designers, swimsuit manufacturers seem to be focused on the under 30's and a size of 10-12.

The over 50's market must be huge and you’d think that bathing suit manufacturers would be lining up around the corner to sell to us. Unfortunately, this isn’t yet the case.

As we get older, many of us become especially sensitive to our body image. We still love going to the the beach with our friends and family, but most feel nervous about showing our bodies. Of course, much of the issue is in our heads. We are much harder on ourselves than the rest of the world is.

There is an answer; think about about an an 'beach ensemble' that includes hat, wrap, sunglasses, slides and jewellery.

Starting with a figure flattering bathing suit of one colour, you can accessorise just the same way you would any other outfit. Getting the colour and shape right of the main suit is the key. I have non patterned black, white and blue. I can then add most other colours and go wild with patterns and floral. You will get so many different 'looks' by adding a complimentary wrap, fabulous hat and glasses, slides and great earings to get a 'total' look!

Like any other aspect of beauty for women over 50, choosing a bathing suit should be fun. It should be about looking and feeling your best, for your own sake, not anybody else’s. Almost everyone is anxious about their body, no matter how old they are. So, have a bit of fun with it. Embrace your curves, accept your beautiful older body!

...and remember have a fabulous retirementLIFE.....

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